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Wood Candles
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Wooden wick candles are quickly becoming a popular alternative to regular candles. Have you wanted to experience the sounds and scents of an outdoor campfire, but you can't make a camping trip? Well there is a solution! These candles release the smell and crackles of wood as they burn, bringing a whole new ambience to using candles inside. They are certainly not like the old cotton wick candles you may be used to. Candles using wood instead of cotton often burn for a longer time than their counterparts, in addition to having a different scent.

These candles provide a much different experience than lighting your usual scented stuff, like what you might purchase from Yankee Candles. Most candles with wood in the wick do not have any strong, sweet smells; you won't find very many "candy cane" or "apple pie" scents here, although if you look hard enough, you can find the candles in a few different fragrances. Scented wooden wicks tend to have very little fragrance, so the natural smell of burning wood comes through. Even in those cases, the added scents tend to augment the campfire smell released from the candles. There are even bacon-scented candles available. Another variable to consider is the wood used in the wick. Wicks with softer wood will make for noisier candles, while strong wood used in the wick will produce a "woodier" smell when burnt.

Nearly all wood wicks available are in glass containers. The reason for this is because the wood usually requires softer candle wax, such as soy or paraffin wax. Also, the burning wick creates a larger, more intense flame than your average candle. Although caution should always be used when lighting candles of any kind, it is especially worth noting to use your wooden wick candle in a safe environment. Do not leave these unattended and do not situate the candles next to anything flammable.

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